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Welcome to TenR Consultancy And Services

TenR was incorporated in 2014 with an aspiration to provide high excellence and cost effective services for small to medium enterprises and alike. TenR believes in providing niche fine- tuned services customized to fulfill the needs of corporate clients. Corporate Business has moved from quantity to quality where less cost not every time guarantees quality!! It is here TenR steps in with value added services and cost effective business solutions. Our management team consists of professionals with more than 15+years of experience in operation management and support services providing ideas and workable solutions for administration and related backend support functions. Our business model is created for your success.

TenR Services includes but not limited to:-

  1. Commercial Re-location
  2. Expat Service
  3. Facility, Housekeeping and Maintenance Service
  4. Budget Accommodation for Corporate Executive
  5. Consultancy Services

Our business goal is to provide excellent quality service – efficiently & professionally, meeting our client needs and expectations and making a fair profit in the process. We in our quest are continuously:-

  • Motivated by accomplishment
  • Guided by character.
  • Striving for excellence
  • Committed to service
  • Connected to values.
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Basic Information

Company Name: TenR Consultancy And Services
BusinessType: Service Provider
Key Services We Sell Commercial Re-location,Office and facility relocation,Space de-commission,Phased office movement,Data center relocation,Computer services,Expat Services,Facility & Housekeeping Services,Budget accommodation for Corporate Executive
Year Of Establishment: 2014
Product/Service Description: NA

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