Soham Solar System
Racold Authorised Dealer

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Soham Solar System Authorised Dealer for Recold solar water Heater .Also we have initiated a trend with our new consumers to apply solar water heater systems in order to use natural resources for fulfilling their daily needs. Another vision for probing our customers to use solar system is - Go Green

Recold Flat plate collectors Omega technology increases contact area betwen the fins and the fiser and maximizes heat transfer, leading to higher efficiency.

These installation also have a specially designed screwless trey type water proof omega flat plate collector with high structural strenghth for dependable performance .

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Basic Information

Company Name: Soham Solar System
BusinessType: Dealer/Distributor/Trader
Key Products We Sell Recold Solar Water Heatr,Recold authorised dealer,Solar water Heater
Product/Service Description: NA

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