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As we know LED Technology is one of the very new and popular inventionand  suppose to be very definite way to ENERGY SAVING.

Every entity in the industrial world is trying to save energy by various methods. If we target lighting as a first project to start with, it will give us very satisfying results with LED technology.

Our one of the most Regular need is light ,and we can not run our industries without it.

As per our studies ,we have Seen that LED,S needs less wattage to replace high wattages of conventional lights .

In this case if we replace regular highbays with LED HIGHBAY ,light intensity  at works plane and floor are seen much higher thenany of the non LEDS Lights.

In LEDS Number of lights fixtures required for the premises  is also lesser then the normal lights. In this way LED will save Investments in the lights fixtures.

 As LED is known as less heat generator will reduce temperature in the work premises and causes ease to work for the workers, resulting increase in the efficiency.

LED,S are having very good life compare to any of the existing technology, can work up to 50000hrs, which means if we consider 12 hrs per day it is lifetime of 10-12 years, which gives us total cost of ownership.

we have seen frequent  maintenance cost in industrial light fixtures but In LED it is almost nothing, so in a way it is saving in workmanship also.

There are much more other benefits also,like very high CRI Index, fast start up time,and pure White light.

So , with above benefits LED Is very good option to start Energy Saving………..

SMART SYSTEM has taken initiative at so many industries to save energy with the help of LED Lights.

Our projects are 100 % successful in terms of saving and satisfaction of the customers.

For a better future ,better nation.

SMART SYSTEMS (Energy saving concepts and products)

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Company Name: Smart Systems
BusinessType: Service Provider
Key Services We Sell Ventilation System,Flat Panel Collectors,Evacuated Tube Collectors,Solar Street Lights,Solar Pump,FPC System & ETC Systems,Solar Water Heating Systems
Constitution Type: Proprietorship
Our Specialities: ventilators
Product/Service Description: NA

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