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Optical Lens Crizal

Optical Lens Crizal

Crizal anti reflection coated glasses
Brand : Crizal
Price : 2500 / Nos See Bulk Price
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Payment Terms : Cash, Cheque, Cash On Delivery, Cheque On Delivery, Demand Draft, Credit Card
Min Order Quantity : 1 / Pair
Shipping Cost : 200
Delivery Time : 1 Day
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Coating : Anti Reflection
Resistance : Scratch
Coating : Two Side
Product Description:

Crizal Lenses

Crystal Clear Vision beyond Ordinary Lenses
Why settle for regular eyeglass lenses when you can have Crizal No-Glare lenses!
Unlike any other pair Crizal lenses give you:
Optimal Vision Comfort
By reducing glare and reflections, Crizal lenses remove eye strain and fatigue. These almost virtually invisible lenses give you a much flattering appearance by letting people see your eyes instead of just the glasses.
Premium Scratch Resistance
With a double sided scratch protection, they provide you the clearest vision and also protect your eyes from being damaged by the UV radiation reflections from the sides and back of the lens.
Virtually Dust-free Lenses
Dust particles are not attracted to the surface of the lenses as they are anti-static

Packaging & Shipping Details

Shipping Type : Local Courier- Delivery within seller's city
Shipping Cost : 200
Delivery Time : 1 Day
Company Name: Vaibhav Enterprises
Company Type: Dealer/Distributor/Trader
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Company Name: Vaibhav Enterprises
Company Type: Dealer/Distributor/Trader
Contact Person: Mr. abc abc   
Mobile No: +911234567891
Address: abc
Area: abc
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
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