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Trimurti Bio Solutions LLP provides Chirayu to the clients.
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: 9423568775
: Mukund Nagar, Pune 37 Pune
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Product Description:




  • Chirayu is 100% Natural Organic Product.
  • It does not give harmful effects even if used in excess.
  • It keeps plant healthy by protecting it from soil-borne fungi diseases.
  • As it enters the soil, it kills all the causative organisms which are responsible for all the soil-borne diseases Effective On: Chirayu is effective on soil-born pathogen, all pathogenic fungi such as phytophthora, pythium, sclerotium,nematodes and fusarium.

Company Name: Trimurti Bio Solutions LLP
Company Type: Manufacturer
Products we sell: Bio Cheaters, Humic, Seaweed, Plant Growth Promoter, Soil Conditioner, Bacteria Booster, Hydrolysis Protein, Natural Repellent, Silicon Bio
Number Of Employees: 1 to 10
Company Name: Trimurti Bio Solutions LLP
Company Type: Manufacturer
Contact Person: Mr. Mukund Kulkarni   
Mobile No: +919423568775
Phone: +91     020 24274217
Concerned Person(s) :
Mr. Mukund Kulkarni - 9423568775
Address: Office No. 11, Mate Chambers, Mukund Nagar, Pune 37
Area: Mukund Nagar, Pune 37
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
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