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Pipe In Pipe Technology Model Outerdia (mm) Inner Strip (mm) SHGP 40 20 SHGP 50 20 SHGP 80 20
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Product Description:

Earthing is the process of creating an alternative path for the flow of fault/excessive currents dafely into the ground in the presence of minimal resistance or impedance.

The primary purpose of earthing is to reduce the risk of serious electric shock from current leaking into uninsulated metal parts of an appliance, power tool, or other electrical devices. in a properly earthed system, such leaking / fault current is carried away harmlessly while tripping the fuse. Earthing also provides protection from large electrical disturbances like lightning strikes and power urges. it also aids in the dissipation of hazardous static electrical charges.

altough most electrical systems have fuses or circuit breakers fot protection against a fault current, the human body may be fatally electrocuted by a current of less than one ampere which is well below the point at which a fuse or breaker will operate. Earthing helps minimize such hazards from occurring.

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Company Name: Sai Enterprises
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