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Epoxy Coal Tar

Epoxy Coal Tar

Scope: A high solid coal tar epoxy coating with outstanding performance in highly saline, chemical & most severe corrosive environments.
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Product Description:

Scope: A high solid coal tar epoxy coating with outstanding performance in highly saline, chemical & most severe corrosive environments. The product has superb water resistance properties & it is also unaffected by alkalinity or sulphates in soil water & is suitable for use in conjunction with cathodic protection.

Use: recommended for use on structural steel, pipelines & equipment of refineries, fertilizers, chemical & coastal installations. An ideal coating for application on barrage gates & hydel penstocks.

Temperature Resistance

  • Continuous- 93°C
  • Intermittent- 120°C
  • Weather ability: Good (chalks)
  • Flexibility:  Good
  • Abrasion Resistance: Very Good


Storage Life:

Up to 6 month in intact condition or sealed the containers are kept under cover in a dry place under normal temperature conditions.

Surface Preparation:

Concrete: new concrete- ensures that the concrete is cured for a minimum of 3 months. The surface is to be made rough & free from laitance & other contaminants by sand sweeping.

Old concrete- removes all salt deposits from the surface by water jet washing. Light sand blast the surface to remove all loosely bound coating & roughening up to firmly adhering coating to ensure anchorage with recommended system. Ensure all dust/ other particles are fully removed by suction or air blast & the surface is fully cleaned & dry before application of paint.

In non critical areas where blasting is not possible, water jet washing & hard wire brushing are minimum requisites.

Steel: remove grease, oil & other contaminants preferably by using degreasing solvent. Blast clean to a minimum of Sa2 ½ Swedish std SIS 05 5900. For severe corrosion, blast to Sa 3 with a surface profile not exceeding 65 microns.

If blasting is not practical, make full use of mechanical tools along with manual chipping & wire brushing to remove loose rust & scale to st 2 Swedish std SIS 05 5900. Excessive burning of steel is to be avoided. Thoroughly dust down all surfaces. Best results can be achieved if the manually cleaned surface is primed with protect mastic- self priming surface tolerant coating; otherwise treatment with metal conditioning solution will also produce satisfactory results.

The surface should be clean & dry before application of Coal tar.



Stir base thoroughly & then mix 3 parts of base & 1 part of catalyst by volume to uniform consistency. Allow the mixture to mature for 30 minutes & stir again before application & during use.

Brush / Roller: apply preferably without thinning. However if required during application add up to 5% thinner

Airless spray: apply preferably without thinning. However up to 5% thinner may be added if absolutely essential depending on conditions. Use any standard equipment having pump ratio 40:1. Tip size 0.48-0.68mm.Tip pressure 110-160 Kg/cm2 .


  1. Use offs the mixed paint within the specified pot life period.
  2. Do not apply when temperature falls below 10 °C or rises above 50°C & when relative humidity rises above 90%. Do not apply during rain Fog or mist.
  3. Brushes & spray equipment should be cleaned with thinner otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.
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Company Name: Pragati Paints & Allied Products
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