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Assorted Platy (Xiphophorus Maculatus)
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Assorted Platy (Xiphophorus Maculatus)

Jalshrusti Aquatic Pets World deals in Aquarium Fishes which is Assorted Platy (Xiphophorus Maculatus).
Brand : Jalshrusti Aquatic Pets World
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Product Description:

The Platy is an easy-care fish perfect for beginning aquarists. Also known as the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish, the popular Platy comes in many color and fin variations, the most common being a solid, and brilliant red. Some Platy variations include Wagtail, Blue, Simpson Tuxedo, and Simpson Coral Platy to name a few. The Platy adds brilliant color to the aquarium and they are very easy to keep. These features make it a great fish for beginners and accomplished aquarists alike. The Platy requires an aquarium of at least 10 gallons that is densely planted with hardy plants like Java Fern and Java Moss. The Platy is a very peaceful fish and makes an excellent addition to the freshwater community aquarium. Any other peaceful fish can be housed with them

Company Name: Jalshrusti Aquatic Pets World
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Company Name: Jalshrusti Aquatic Pets World
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