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Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Netting

Pigeons damage to humane Health and Wealth . So Netting is one stop solution for pigeons . These birds are pests ,an infestation can lead to health hazards ,architectural damage and disease .
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Product Description:

Any gap in the building fabric that is greater than approximately 50mm in diameter should be considered a potential entry point for pigeons. If you have already noticed some roosting on your property, there is a risk they will attract others. Pigeons are gregarious creatures preferring to live in colonies of anywhere between 20 and 400 so a small problem has the potential to turn into a much larger one. ideal pest control is a continuous task with commercial & Industrial building being contaminated with pigeons nesting etc.

A pigeon’;s natural food source is grain and seeds but they can survive in towns and cities by scavenging processed food matter, such as the remains of takeaways and food waste from dustbins. Given an adequate food supply these birds can breed throughout the year, although the peak breeding season is usually between March and July. While it may be hard for some to consider these birds as pests, an infestation can lead to health hazards, architectural damage and disease.

 Installing bird netting on top of a cooling tower.

Netting is a very simple material. Due to its flexibility, lightweight and low visibility it can be used on almost any configuration of structure. High-quality netting is made of polyethylene (not polypropylene), it is knotted (not knitted or molded) and has 22 kg  of breaking strength. Mounting bird netting to any structure requires serious planning and it is always project specific, often requiring custom designed, engineered and fabricated hardware to facilitate proper integration, which in turn ensures aesthetics, effectiveness and longevity.


You may think that netting is easier to apply on residential homes than commercial buildings. The opposite is true. Consumer level structural materials are always lower grade, mounting can be an issue and the possibility for something going wrong is much higher. Netting installation is involved and it is most often used for commercial applications and apartment balconies for any size of birds.


Need help with your bird netting project? Call ideal bird netting planning department with your project details and let us help you lay out your bird netting plan. We will help you calculate netting and hardware quantities and offer advice for proper installations.

Ideal Bird Netting Pune  offers an extensive line of netting products for an endless number of applications. If you’re not sure what net to choose, call us for expert advice on the best netting for your application.


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