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We Kate Dairy Farms Pvt. Ltd., “Kate” family has been into the milk business since last 17 to 18 years. We, Kate’s started this business with just one buffalo, gradually the business grew and we, Kate’s now have more than 250 buffaloes. Owing to experience of these 18 years and also improvising as situation demanded, we, Kate’s have ventured into milk packing business which then led to creation of we, Kate’s dairy on 18th August. On the opening ceremony of Kate dairy farms, presence and guidance of honorable Dr. Sharad Pawar was inspiration for the entire we Kate family. In short period of time and owing to excellent quality services, Kate milk soon became very favorable to customers. Also the company has always been promptly ready to provide high quality milk to customers on time. Promoters and directors Mr. Ramesh Kate, Mr. Rajendra Kate and Mr. Avinash Kate, because of their efforts the company kept on growing.  In duration of 5 years, the turnover of 1 Crore has become 25 Crores and this proprietary firm transformed into “Kate Dairy farms Pvt. Ltd.”. The success achieved in a short period of time hasn’t made the directors over-confident, but they have always been motivated to achieve something new and reach newer heights. Hence as part of business expansion and understanding the need of the hour our family has ventured into packaged drinking water. This was enough to give birth to the sister concern of “Kate Dairy Firms Pvt. Ltd.” which is better known as “Kate Food Industries”. Most noticeable was the presence of Hon’ Dr. Sharad Pawar who gave their much appreciated good wishes to us.  Like Kate milk, Kate aqua, which is a product of “Kate food industries”, is making a place in the hearts of customers within a very short period of time. Facilities Kate Milk has received enormous success over the years. Therefore Kate milk decided to venture into milk products as well. In this financial year alone the company has decided to invest heavily into the machinery required for respective milk products. Kate ghee has already into market and making a huge impact and other milk products like paneer, curd, cheese etc will also be made available to customers very soon. Kate food industries have taken into account the growing demand for their products and have decided to increase their capacity through expansion. Kate food industries have also grand plans to enter in into soft drinks market as well. The Process: The most critical aspect of our bottling process that sets us apart from the rest of the industry is the fact that our bottles remain untouched right through the rinsing, filling, and capping operations. Filling: Bottles are fed by an air conveyor from the blowing unit directly into the in-feed of the RFC. Our RFC equipment is neck run and it boasts of a monoblock unit, which means that every bottle is held by the neck automatically while being inverted, rinsed and sprayed with ozonated water at 2 Bar pressure. After draining, the bottles are re-inverted and transferred to the filler. At the filler these bottles are straightened up and gradually lifted to the filling valves which open only when a bottle is placed under them. Filling is then done systematically through gravity. Capping: After the filling process the bottles are then transferred to the capping section. Here ozonated-water rinsed caps are screwed on the bottle with uniform torque. Since our water is ozonated all product contact parts are of 316L grade stainless steel and the rubber parts are of EPDM. (All components are water lubricated above the table top.) Labelling: From the capping section the bottles are directly sent to the labeling section. Quality Check: From here on, the bottles go through an online check where qualified personnel inspect each bottle for any leaks or breakages. They are then packed into sturdy cartons which are dispatched to the market by our fleet of trucks. Quality: We, Kate Dairy has a very modern milk collection & chilling center in Ranjani village of Ambegaon taluka. The milk from farmers of Ambegaon and Junnar area is collected and immediately chilled. This milk is transported immediately to pimple Saudagar factory for further processing and then delivered to customers. All this process is done in very little time, and the use of modern machinery makes it possible to deliver high quality and fresh milk to customers. Unlike other dairies, Kate dairy plant is present in the city. Hence processed milk is delivered immediately to customers. Due to this, it becomes impossible for other dairy firms to compete with us to give quick and excellent services on local front. To provide good quality of milk to customers, the raw milk is should also be of good quality. To get good quality of raw milk from farmers the company has formed a task force team consisting of veterinary doctors also. The main objective of this team is to educate/train the farmers to increase the milk quality of their milk and solve their problems. The result of all these factors has always been the excellent quality of milk from the onset.

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Basic Information

Company Name: Kate Aqua
BusinessType: Manufacturer
Key Products We Sell Kate - Cow Milk,Kate Gold - Premium Milk,Kate Aqua - Mineral Water,Arogya Shalaka Milk
Year Of Establishment: 2002
Constitution Type: Pvt Ltd.
No. of Employees: 11 to 50
Our Specialities: 9823061326

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