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Welcome to the Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Holistic Healing Centre.  We are a co-operative group of  holistic practitioners and therapists co-ordinating our expertise and knowledge to provide wellness and healing; physically, mentally and emotionally.

A holistic approach is necessary to resolving personal issues in order to make real and lasting change. If you are looking for practical and comprehensive answers to issues that you are struggling with, look no further.

At the Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Holistic Healing Centre, we view the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life as closely interconnected. Our team of experienced therapists, led by renowned Holistic healer, Rune and Tarot Reader Ashika Vyas Soul Coach, offers holistic therapies including NLP, Bach flower remedy  Esoteric Spiritual Healing; Reiki Pranic Healing and Various Divination Readings and Guidance; to treat a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Amit Surana B.E, MBA graduate from Pune University, an accomplished VASTU CONSULTANT completed Vastu Shashtri in Remedial Vastu , Astro Vastu from renowned MASTERS OF VASTU  and Pursuing VASTU VISHARAD too , He offers Vastu Consultation, Crystal Healing as well as Angel therapy is well trained Crystal and Angel Therapist who has changed his life with the help of Crystals and Angels guidance. He has also developed one of its kind Crystal Vastu Remedies to prove his Engineering instinct right. Being a renowned Builder and Crystal Healer his Love and Gratitude for Mother Earth can be seen during holistic techniques of Space Clearing process. He is Certified Reiki  Master Practitioner too. 

Archana Narkhede Well experienced and well qualified Vastu Consultant who has spiritual approach towards life and who makes sure that all the elements around you gets balanced and in sync with your inner being. Her vast  and deep spiritual knowledge on Vastu Shashtra , Mantra Shastra, Color therapy, KP Astrology is so very helpful for NewAge Life, and she is also enhancing her knowledge on Tarot, Crystals and Mantras.

Abhishek Vyas aspiring and youngest Numerologist, Youngest LAW OF ATTRACTION BASIC AND LOW OF ATTRACTION WEALTH PRACTITIONER & TRAINER from India, Also Crystal Healer from Pune who is blessed by birth with Manifesting Bliss helps Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Team during Workshops and various Events. His Esoteric Methods of creating Crystal Grids and Numerological rectifications is helping his family, friends and clients for better and easy way to get solutions for complex issues. Pursuing Doctorate in spiritual science NUMEROLOGY ( ANK SHASTRA). 

A truly unique and spiritual centre of healing and serenity, since the Shreem Holistic Healing Centre’s foundation in 2008, we have consistently delivered remarkable results for our clients, whose comfort and care are our main priority.

Ashika the Award Winner Tarot Card Reading Expert , A Soul Coach is the driving force behind Shreem Be blessed be happy Later on accompanied by Amit, Abhishek  and Archana .  They firmly believe that each and every human being on this planet has the right to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, abundant and prosperous life.

Many people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, feelings of fear, loss, separation, grief, loneliness, low self-confidence and lack of self-esteem to name but a few. Through various Esoteric techniques you are guided to transform negative experiences, feelings and emotions into positive thoughts of love, wholeness and gratitude.

The Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy team will show you the secrets to create the life of your dreams – how to create wealth, health and happiness.

In addition to the Alternative Healing modalities and Services offered, the Shreem Blessed Be Happy Holistic Healing Centre regularly hosts a variety of Courses and Workshops and a weekly Meditation Group  aimed at self-growth and personal development. We also offer Coaching courses to empower people of all age groups to be the best that they can be in line with their authentic selves.

Most of our Products are hand crafted by either Ashika , Archana and Amit .  We have a shop at the centre and also promote and sell our Products online.

We accept each and everyone for who and what they are unconditionally… if they are ready to change, we will guide them to do so authentically.  We give them the key and the tools to unlock the door to their authentic selves and step in!

Vision And Mission

We, Shreem Be blessed Be Happy team, are committed to empowering people by encouraging them to discover who they truly are.  When you live your life according to your individual life purpose, your life flows - when you are not being congruent you encounter many obstacles in your life.

To help people to heal themselves on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level.To put people back in control of their own lives and back in control of their emotions.


Most of the Shreem products are hand made.  The products that are purchased are selected with great care to compliment and enhance the holistic qualities of the hand crafted Herbal Organic product ranges.

Both Ashika and Amit have their own studios in which they express their creativity. Ashika’s creative haven is Shreem Vedaa Creations and Amit’s  is Shreem Vastu.

The Shreem Holistic Shop at the Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Holistic Centre is open to the public by appointment only.  You are most welcome to visit us, We would love to explain the holistic metaphysical properties and benefits of the products.We frequently exhibit our Products at Various exhibitions and expos in and around Pune, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Check the Event Listings on the Shreem Brzee Vitamin M and Be Blessed Be Happy Facebook Page to see when we will be in your area.  Events, Product Launches and Specials are also posted in our Newsletter from time to time. Don’t forget to provide us your email address to receive our Newsletters.

We make sure that the product you receive is of the highest quality that we are able to produce.Hand Crafted Products may vary slightly in dimensions and may be a slightly different color to the pictures shown.

We have also planned to have a Esoteric Healing retreat Farm in the village of Bhimashankar  in the picturesque countryside of Pune , for our clients to travel from all over Pune and Mumbai to de-stress, revive and renew, surrounded by soothing music, exotic aromas and the soft magical glow of crystal healing energy.

To boost your wellbeing, alleviate a specific issues or simply give yourself a deserved Healing treat by call .

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Basic Information

Company Name: Be Blessed Be Happy
BusinessType: Service Provider
Key Services We Sell Tarot Reader,Tarot Classes,Runes Reading,Nakshtra Reading,Bach Flower Remedy,Crystal Healing,Crystal Therapy,Vastu Consultation,Meditation
No. of Employees: 1 to 10
Our Specialities: Bach Flower , Runes, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Consultation, Crystals, Esoteric Holistic Healing
Our Sales Presence: Maharashtra ,
Achievements & Awards: Tarot Card Reading Expert Award 2015 from ASTROO WORLD
Product/Service Description: NA

Service Provider:

Services Offered: Vastu Visits, Space Clearing, NLP sessions.  - Numerology, Crystals and Crystal Jewelry,  - Vastu Remedy , Pyramids, Organites, Herbal Product

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